What shirts does the RV Wingman Wear?

RV Wingman Wears High Seas Hawaiian Shirts!

The RV Wingman Wears High Seas hawaiian shirts!

We are proud to have Alan Warren AKA the RV Wingman wearing High Seas shirts on his amazing Youtube channel the RV Show USA which now boasts almost 70,000 subscribers.
Check out the show If you are interested in learning the RV lifestyle, camping, and the outdoors, He has hundreds of episodes in which we explores all things RV, Trailers, Camping and outdoors.
We have many come up to us at shows and reached out by emails that love his insights and say he looks after the consumers. The Wingman previously owned an RV park and his channel is the best source for learning insider tricks of the trade, getting unbiased information and consumer tips.

Check it out here:

RV Wingman Youtube Channel

The Wingman and his shirts plus what is it about MSRP's on new RVs?

He is wearing the:  Blues and Country Guitars Hawaiian Shirt

Click the link to view the full: High Seas Hawaiian Shirt Collection 

 RV Wingman in High Seas Trading Co. Blues  and Country Guitars Hawaiian Shirt