About Us - High Seas Trading Co. History, Values, and Heritage

Celebrating 35 Years of American Craftsmanship and Aloha Spirit

More than three decades ago, our journey began in the coastal city of Dana Point, California. Rooted deeply in the surf culture of Southern California and Hawaii, High Seas Trading Co. has grown to embrace the casual coastal and island lifestyles. Our inspiration springs from the ocean, travel, music, art, and culture, crafting a brand that resonates with the spirit of adventure and relaxation.

This year, as we celebrate 35 years of design and manufacturing of USA-made clothing and Hawaiian shirts, we reflect on our journey and reaffirm our commitment to the values that have guided us since our inception in 1988.

From Surfboards to Aloha Shirts: A Legacy of Quality

 It all started in a small garage in Dana Point, where we began hand-painting tees using techniques inspired by custom surfboard art. On one side of the headlands were beaches with great waves, and on the other was a harbor on the Pacific, perfect for sailing and sportfishing. This rich environment fueled our creativity and led to the birth of a brand that encapsulated the local Southern California lifestyle.

Embracing the golden era of Hawaiian shirts, we set out with a mission to convert fine art to cloth, tailoring each piece to reflect the authentic Aloha spirit. Our Hawaiian shirts are crafted from high thread count combed cotton, featuring authentic coconut shell buttons and perfectly matched pockets, ensuring every detail echoes our dedication to quality.

A Proud Legacy of Domestic Production

 We are one of the few remaining apparel manufacturers that proudly produce every garment in the USA. Our fabric is designed and distributed from Laguna Hills, California, with all cutting, sewing, and finishing conducted in Huntington Beach. This dedication to American manufacturing has positioned us as one of the 2% of apparel manufacturers in the U.S. that still produce domestically.

As we navigate through the evolving fashion landscape, our commitment to American craftsmanship remains unwavering. Each Hawaiian shirt and piece of apparel we create is a testament to our dedication to quality, design, and the spirit of the islands.

Giving Back: Fabric with a Purpose

 Our passion extends beyond creating beautiful Hawaiian shirts. We believe in giving back to our community, especially to those who have served our country. For nearly 20 years, we have supported US veterans and active duty service members through our partnership with various quilting guilds. Part of every fabric cut, unused blocks, and end rolls contributes to Quilts of Valor, Quilt Reaction Force, Hugs From Home, and numerous other guilds. These organizations dedicate their efforts to honoring our Veterans and Wounded Warriors with quilts, wheelchair bags, masks, and gurney blankets, all made with love from our fabric.

Explore Our Legacy

 Our website, launched in 1998 at www.highseastradingco.com, features over 140 unique designs, constantly updated with new art and our latest collections. With domestic production, we introduce new arrivals each week, ensuring our customers always have access to the freshest and most authentic Hawaiian shirts.

Join us in celebrating our rich history and our ongoing journey. Dive into a world where every thread tells a story of the sea, surf, and the enduring American spirit.


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