High Seas now accepts Venmo. Mobile users with Venmo installed can now see a new button for them at checkout:

  1. Venmo:
    1. Venmo is not supported on desktop
    2. In order for shoppers to see the Venmo button (shown above), the *shopper* must:
      1. Have the Venmo mobile app installed on the device.
      2. Must have the latest version of the app.
      3. Follow the proper setup steps for Venmo (Opt in)  Venmo - Getting Started
      4. If you are still not seeing the Venmo button, be sure to review the section in the page above “I am not seeing the Venmo option after opting-in!”
    3. Shoppers do NOT need to have the PayPal mobile app installed. It’s fine if you do, but it is not required to use Venmo to pay through checkout.