High Seas Trading AS SEEN ON

It is so exciting to see our awesome Hawaiian shirts seen throughout the world in high-profile shows and movies. Keep your eyes open whenever you see Hawaiian shirts...they just might be ours!

Where have they been seen so far (that we know of)?

"The Fanatic"

John Travolta was wearing the High Seas Trading shirt "Classic Horror Monsters" that has become a legendary Hawaiian shirt among the monster fans.


"Top Gun"

The most memorable clothing in the movie "Top Gun" was Nick "Goose" Bradshaw's fun loving Honolulu Vintage Hawaiian Shirt from High Seas Trading.


"International Space Station"

ISS High Seas space themed Hawaiian shirts on the astronauts

ISS High Seas space themed Hawaiian shirts on the astronauts

If you think these Hawaiian shirts are out of this world, check out our current available spaced out designs from High Seas Trading.


"Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (S4E21)"

Wierd Al singing North Korea song

How patriotic is this! Weird Al wearing patriotic outfits singing about North Korea wearing the "Freedom" Hawaiian shirt from High Seas Trading.
You will want to salute our great assortment of unique patriotic Hawaiian shirt designs!


"90210 (reboot S5E16)"

90210 reboot beach scene video and shops

90210 reboot beach scene High Seas Trading (aka Hawaiian Shirts)

Such an awesome adventure being part of this 90210 reboot episode "Life's a Beach"!