High Seas Trading Co. Terms and Conditions

Our Hawaiian shirts are Designed and Made in USA. Orders are  shipped from  our headquarters in Laguna Hills, California, USA.

All shirts on website are in stock and  items will be shipped same day until 4PM. Customers will be notified on all out of stock items to the

availability. Certain new arrivals will be available for pre-order but will be clearly noted on product page. Orders will be delivered in 2-5 days

with ground shipping, 2-3 days Priority Mail, and  2 Days on 2nd Day Shipping. Overseas shipping can take 2-3 weeks.

All shipments are insured against loss or damage during shipping. Reach out to cutomer service at 949-380-8641 or

[email protected] for service. We are commited to creating the finest art, using premium fabric, and expert tailoring.

Our primary goal is to make you happy with your purchase and to provide you with comfortable well fitting garments that are easy to care for

and can be worn for years. We will be glad to exchange or refund any order of unwashed shirt and will repair or replace any issues with our

quailty which is rare as we inspect gaments 3 times. Gift orders can be handled from recipient with order ID.

Thank you for trusting High Seas Trading Co. with your business.