High Seas Celebrates 35 Year of Manufacturing Hawaiian Shirts in the USA!


We are celebrating 35 years of  designing and making Hawaiian Shirts in the USA!


As we close out this year, we would like to thank you for your continued support of our company.

Since 1988, we have used premium cottons, expert tailors, and fine artists to create our collections of Hawaiian

shirts to make them wearable and collectible art.  We are committed to continue bringing you fresh designs

and to make shirts of the highest quality.

  We continue to design in our headquarters in Laguna Hills and to manufacture all of

our shirts in Huntington Beach, California.  When we started our journey in Aloha shirt design,  almost half of

apparel was made in the USA. We are proud to be  one of the less than 2% of manufacturing in the USA.

   We  have many new designs in our 2024 collection that include Traditional Hawaiian, tiki, automotive,

patriotic, wilflife, and novelty designs. To view our full collection, visit:

Men's Hawaiian Shirts by High Seas Trading Co.